Competition changes for 2014

We'd like to announce a couple of the changes to the Revision competitions for 2014. We're doing this right now because the impact on your releases and productions can be significant so we want you to have enough time to prepare.

Browser intro/demo are no longer a separate compos

We have seen that the browser platform has matured to a level where it can now compete with executable intros and demos. So all PC executable compos will now allow for browser entries to be submitted in them.

New compo: 8K Intro

Sizecoding has a long tradition in the demoscene and is one of the things that makes the difference for a certain subgroup of the demoscene subculture and with the 8k Intro Compo Revision intends to fill the gap between the classic 4k and 64k competitions : This competitions lays way more stress on the size coding aspect than 64k but gives you a bit more freedom to integrate very complex techniques and/or content to your intro. Since 8k Intro is mostly unexplored up to now, you have the unique chance to make this something great.