General Competition Rules

These are the rules that apply to all competitions:

  • Only submit work that is either your own or, in case of cooperations, work that involved cooperators have assigned all their rights to you respectively. We need to be able to take your word for granted that everybody involved agrees that you enter the production.
  • If you or any cooperating partner in the work is a member of GEMA or any sibling association, you are excluded from participation in any of our competitions. We mean it. Yes, really. If you do so and we play it, it is going to cost us, and we are going to come back at you and collect the damage you caused. If you are unsure about your association with GEMA or any of its partner institutions, get in touch with your respective compo organizer.
  • We accept entries only from persons present at the party. No exceptions.
  • Entries that we cannot be run on the compo machines will be disqualified. To prevent this you can ask us to test your production on the compo machines. The sooner you do this, the more likely we will be able to fix problems that might pop up.
  • Racism, child pornography, and any kind of content that violates German law will be disqualified. Period.
  • Entries have to be free of third-party rights unless you have a legal license to use the given content. This means no ripped music, no movie snippets, no close-ups of trademarked logos, etc. Violations will result in immediate disqualification. If you are unsure what exactly is allowed and what isn't, please have a look at the copyright page.
  • We have the right not to show your production on the bigscreen if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. This does not disqualify your production and you can still vote for it. Please spare us freedom-of-speech discussions - you may say what you want, but you won’t force us to help you do it.
  • All shown entries will be spread. We will do our best to make them available in release packs on our compo server directly after the competition was held.
  • We have the right to skip parts in demos during the competitions, especially scroller parts and endscrollers. This to keep the total compo running time down and keep it interesting. People interested in reading the full scrolltext can watch it on their own.
  • If there are less than three entries for a compo, the given compo will either be cancelled or combined with another compo, with your permission. Should the compo be cancelled your productions won't be spread, so you can release them elsewhere.
  • Compo entries, whole or in part, may not have been released before. Please contact the compo organizers in advance if you have any doubts. Pure rips or copies will be kicked from the competition without further notice.
  • The composer of the soundtrack used in your production - this includes intros/demos/... ! - is not allowed to be registered with a copyright society. This includes - but is not limited to - all member societies of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information), especially GEMA.
  • Pure animations are not accepted, except in the Animation/Video competition.
  • As we are uploading the release archives to the Scene.Org servers during and immediately after the party, please keep your archives clean and logical. We do not have the time to re-pack every release so don't blame us when your release archive on Scene.Org looks crappy.