Web Browser Competitions

General Information

  • We will supply up-to-date releases of Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Opera. When submitting your entry, please specify which browser you would like us to run it on. (Compatibility across multiple browsers is strongly encouraged, but not enforced.)
  • All technologies natively supported by the browser are permitted, including WebGL. Flash and Silverlight however are not.
  • We will not install any add-ons on the compo machine.
  • Entries will be run from a local file, not over HTTP - browser options for local file access will be enabled where necessary (e.g. --allow-file-access-from-files on Chrome).
  • All required data must be in the submitted archive, you may not call/download any external files - e.g. from an internet server.
  • You may not use any operating system provided media files such as the "Media" and "Music Samples" directory.


  • Maximum filesize is 4KB including the HTML container and all resources required to run the intro. (For extra kudos, pack your intro as a single png-with-embedded-html file: see JsExe or pnginator for how to do this.)
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc).
  • Don't cheat, we'll check the source of the launch-page ;)


  • No maximum filesize, however don't try to run a movie in an iframe.
  • Maximum running time: 8 minutes (including loading/precalc).